11 February, 2010

Onion goggles are what we are Lovin'

I love onions.

I slice a lot of onions in my kitchen.

I have heard many tips to help me not cry while cutting them.

* light a candle and put it between you and the cutting board where the onion is being cut?

* put a fan blowing the air in between you and the onion?

* cut dairy from your diet and you will not cry when cutting onions?

* use a sharp knife?

* refrigerate the onion before cutting?

* slice the onion correctly and you would not have a problem with tearing?

* slice faster and you wouldn't cry?

I am not a professional chef. I am a Mother who has a lot to do on my list when I am cooking for my family. So, last year I decided to make my life a little easier.

In my Christmas stocking I received a pair of these hot things.
Yes, these are official "onion goggles."
I saw a bubble gum pink pair at my cousin's house but did not get a chance to try them.

I know, they are so hot!

Who cares?

Because, you know what?


I put my goggles on, start slicing the onion, smell the onion, but no tears.
Guess what, by the fourth onion I am still not crying.
It was a Christmas miracle.
It makes me happy every time I chop onions.
So, basically every night!

One of the engineer's favorite geek websites ThinkGeek now sells them.

I believe Mrs. Claus ordered them from Amazon.


Julie Ramsay said...

You are such a hot mamma!

Tanya said...

looking hot!

Meg said...

these are so great. you pull them off so nicely.