15 February, 2010

Green Smoothie Girls are what we have at this house!

It is no secret that I love green smoothies and I LOVE my blendtec.

I am most inspired to eat green smoothies and get tons of ideas, recipes and support from Robyn aka Green Smoothie Girl.

I sent Robyn a picture of Miss M and Miss L with their green smoothies and she posted a little something on her blog. This is what she said:
Check out GSG reader Jenna’s daughters, with their green smoothie mustaches! They’re beautiful! (The girls more than the green on their faces!)
Jenna is a beautiful redhead living in Switzerland (an expat, I think), and this is part of her email to me:
“Thank you for inspiring me to eat healthier. I have recently made the change in our home to a plant based diet. We were already eating pretty healthy before but have now completely eliminated dairy and animal meats. Not easy to do in a country that is filled with cheese and meat. I am finding my way. My husband is completely supportive of this lifestyle change and I could not be more pleased.”

Jenna here again, hello!

No one is ever perfect in eating. I try my best to make the foods I feel will nourish my family. I ordered the most awesome Green Smoothie Recipe Collection last year. The best part for me was that it was a downloadable purchase - so nice when I want to try a new smoothie right away. Robyn also has awesome you tube videos that the girls love to watch. I think I feel another post in the works with my favorite raw ice cream and smoothie recipes . . . mmm . . . I am craving a smoothie.

En Guete!


Julie Ramsay said...

mmmm I'm a convert to...when you're making them that is :) Thanks for the other night!

Megan said...

Jenna, I love this blog! I would love it if you wrote a post about where you get your favorite special ingredients (i.e. agave syrup, stevia, bio products you can't find in the grocery stores, essential oils, etc) for Green smoothies (or other things) here in Switzerland. Also, I'd love to see a week or so food log of what you feed your family breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Ha ha, do you do special requests? You are amazing!

Meg said...

Hey Jenna, that is great that your family is eating plant based. It is sooo much easier in the US and I am sure you'll notice that when you go home. I am really looking forward reading your blog for recipe ideas!

Stubbart Family said...

Wish we lived near each other so we could help each other out with this!

I got my VitaMix a couple weeks before Christmas, and we've had green smoothies almost every single day since then (well, every one except Evan, who is NOT into the whole plant based diet thing)! The boys and I LOVE them!

Would love to see what you put in it! Our faves are oats with a little o.j., frozen sliced peaches, lots of spinach, and some flax seed.

Miss ya!

K7VTA3AMD said...

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