19 May, 2009

Market Food is what's cooking!

One of the best part about living in Zürich, Switzerland is the farmer's markets. Local, Fresh food 6 days a week. In different areas of the city of course but if you are willing to walk down the hill, or hop on a tram or train, fresh food is available.

I have a friend Tanya, she has an amazing food blog called
EXPAT CHOW. She is a truly an inspiring cook. She will replicate food she loved and try so many new things I would not have the patience to try. I love being one of her taste testers, she is so daring!

Tanya and I are huge fans of
Laughing Lemon. We went to a What's in Season cooking class last year with Jack and Silvia and we are looking forward to another one next week. Jack was kind enough to take us on a tour of his favorite Wednesday market, Oerlikon. He not only showed us the good vendors but explained to us how to find good vendors in whatever market we are at.

These beauties, AKA sugar snap peas tasted just as fabulous as they look. They are only available for a few weeks in the spring and oh, what a treat.

Cherries are a favorite in our house. My grandparents have cherry trees in Arizona and every spring we would get a delivery from my Grandpa of a box of cherries. This little bag of cherries did not last long between 3 cherry lovers.
I am trying to branch out and try new things. ASPARAGUS! I had never made it before last week. It is so easy to make. Jack instructed me how to prepare it. It was quite a hit at our house, even 5 year old, Miss M, ate it right up! I guess it was a good thing that my husband had dinner with colleagues, we were not sharing at all.
Such a simple, yet satisfying meal.
Fresh asparagus blanched with homemade mayo, quinoa pilaf and baked sweet potatoes.

Thanks Jack for the tour and info!


Likes Chocolate said...

I can't believe you never had asparagus before. Another way to prepare it which is a hugh sucess at our house is to broil it/roast it. Wash asparagus, trim off ends just where they snap naturally, lightly coat with olive oil, salt and pepper, place on cookie sheet, then under the broiler for 8 minutes. The heads of the asparagus get a little crunchy but make a yummy nutty taste. Enjoy!!!

Jack said...

my...thanks very much for the glowing comments...Glad you enjoyed the tour, and I will look forward to sharing more ideas/information in the future...

The Smith Family said...

I cook mine just like Likes Chocolate and my kids love it.