29 October, 2008

Cooking class with Jack, Silvia and Tanya at Laughing Lemon was amazing!

I have an amazing friend in Zürich - Tanya - she has an awesome food blog. She likes to eat good food as much as I do. She loves to cook and bake it even more than I do and she will see something and try it. I started looking at expat chow and my mouth was watering at her blog 6 months before we moved here. She is my inspiration for my food blog.

Tanya and I were lucky enough to book a cooking class at Laughing Lemon with Jack and Silvia. We had to be bloggers and ask for a picture with the wonderful duo! It was such a great class. I can not wait for our next one. We went to October's What's in Season. We learned all about all the gems that are available at the farmer's markets here. We chopped, sampled, cooked, felt and at the end ate all the fabulous foods we had learned about. I am addicted to their pepitas (toasted pumpkin seeds) - even though they have cayenne my kids love them too!

Tanya did a post on her blog about it. Next time I am taking my camera too! Thanks Tanya and her husband Tyler for suggesting such a wonderful class.

Tonight I am making Laughing Lemon pumpkin and yellow tomato soup!
Good thing they sent us home with a cookbook.

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