02 September, 2009

Willpower is not what's happening ?

I often have people ask me why I try to not eat sugar and lately dairy or meat?

My answer in a really simplified shortened response is - I have NO willpower, none. My post was inspired by Heather of Heather Eats Almond Butter, she is awesome!

If I love something I. eat. it. - a lot of it.

MMM . . . goat cheese feta sprinkled on a salad? um, ya, that sounds great but I would also like to eat it in slices out of the package until the package is empty.

- 1 little popsicle, no thanks I am really craving one and I think 3 would quench that craving.

- potato chip and butter baked fresh fish? not good as leftovers, I will eat two fillets now.

- popcorn? it sounds so good I will pop a whirly pop full and eat the entire thing in 1 sitting.

- smoothie? Yes, Please! I think I will drink the rest of the blendtec container right now?

- Italian figs fresh from the market? you betcha! I will take two containers full! what? those blackberries are on sale 2 for 3 I will take 4 containers!

You get my point.

If I am going to eat I might as well be eating healthy - besides the fact that I do not have enough room in my little fridge for everything that looks great at the market.

I love the saying "you are what you eat" - you know the one you hear all growing up whenever health was talked about in school? I never really believed it until I was in my 20's. I am still trying to learn to listen to my body, sometimes I feel like I know when I am full and sometimes I love the taste of what I am eating and regret it later - kind of like Thanksgiving dinner, you know?

I am trying to instill in my children the desire to be healthy at their young age. I hope to teach them to listen to their bodies and feel whether they are full and whether or not they really need that 5th cookie to feel good?

What tips do you have for getting kids to learn willpower? Do you have any little helps or reminders for you?

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JP said...

I love to eat too...lots and lots. I just have to keep myself busy and out of the kitchen...and not buy JUNK! LOVE this post!