01 September, 2009

Fast and Easy Lunches are what's cooking!

I like to have lunches that are fast and filling.

It has been hot and humid off and on here in Zürich, some days I do not feel like turning on the oven at all. I was craving nachos, my solution to this was 7 layered bean dip.

I took a oven safe plate and added:

- a couple spoonfuls of vegetarian refried beans

- a sprinkle of black beans

I put the plate in the toaster oven and warmed the plate of beans. When it was done I carefully removed the hot plate and finished my lunch plate by adding:

- avocado chunks

- diced grape tomatoes

- chopped black olives

- diced green onions (purple variety)

- soy sour cream

I ate the 7 layer bean dip platter with tortilla chips. It hit the spot and I was ready to finish the day.

I was so thrilled to find soy sour cream here in Zürich at Müller Reformhaus. It is really thick but I thinned it out with a little bit of soy milk. The soy sour cream is a perfect addition for Mexican meals and cravings.

What quick healthy lunches are you eating?
En Guete!

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Megan said...

Yum! Sounds good. I sometimes bake a sweet potatoe and eat that with some spinach salad. Or sometimes I just whip up some quacamole and eat that with chips or veggies.