15 September, 2009

Chickpea Dinner is what's cooking!

I have found out one of the best things about eating healthy is the fabulous support system that is just trying to do the same thing I am - eat healthy. Some do it for health reasons, whatever the reason it is so nice to have friends that also enjoy good food that can be modified to please plenty of people.
Chickpea curry with apricots
(I am not sure why this is called a curry, we renamed it simply Chickpea dinner)

Source: Nica, from “Gesund Essen: Säure-Basen-Kochbuch: Genuss im Gleichgewicht Leben” by Elisabeth Tischer
Translated and adapted by Tanya of expatchow
Loved by Jenna
  1. In medium saucepan over medium heat, heat
    3 TB olive oil
  1. Saute until golden, about 5 minutes:
    1 onion, diced
  1. Add and cook about 1 minute:
    2 garlic cloves, minced
    Chili powder
    Dried oregano
    Salt & pepper
  1. Add and cook for a 6 minutes:
    15oz can chickpeas
    80 g dried apricots, chopped (mmm, I double and put in lots)
    15oz can chopped tomatoes
  1. Add and cook until apricots are very soft:
    200mL veggie broth
  1. Take off heat and stir in:
    1 TB fresh lemon juice
    2 TB parsley, fresh is preferred, chopped
  1. Serve over rice.
Optional - serve with a dollop of plain yogurt, sour cream or drizzled with a bit more fresh lemon juice for a tangy finishing touch.
This is such an easy, fast recipe for me to make. I could definitely add it to my weekly list of foods to eat. The engineer and I thoroughly enjoy this dish. The girls on the other hand do not love it like us. They love the chickpeas and pick them all out to eat. How does Miss L who is my tomato lover not like cooked tomatoes? Crazy girl!

En Guete!


Julie Ramsay said...

Sounds heavenly!

JP said...

I tried this and was not in love with it. I love the sweet apricots in it, but it's more tomatoey than curry and mine had some kind of slightly bitter taste?? I'll have to try yours sometime!!

Full House said...

Hey there!

I'm so glad you found me because now I found you:-)...even though we are friends on FB. So you live in Switzerland? What a neat experience. When do you get back and are you coming back to AZ? I would love to hear all about your experiences.

Also this is great because it looks like you share a love for some of same things I do within the food arena. When you get back let's start a food/cooking club. I would love the quinoa/amaranth pilaf recipe.

Have a great week!