04 September, 2009

Building my immune system is what I am doing!

Do you feel like when the season's change that your body kind of freaks out? Am I the only one? I know stress has a major part of my immune system wanting to crash sometimes.

I woke up with a scratchy sore throat and then by the end of the day I felt achy and gross. I have a list of what I do to try to fight this. Sometimes it feels like as much as I try to fight it I still get a sinus infection that moves into my chest every 6 months. I end up back at my amazing Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist. She is awesome but does that mean I want to feel sick and go see her? NO!

Here is my list of powerful supplements or ideas to knock this, whatever it is, on it's butt:

- LOTS of water

- Grapefruit seed extract in water/juice 25 drops

- capsule with Essential Oils -

oregano - 5 drops
rosemary - 5 drops
Spice of Life - 5 drops

- Oxypure in Water

- Vitamin C - lots of it

- Vitaspray - B Vitamin Spray

- Eucalyptus oil on my back, chest and feet

- ADRENergize

- Green Smoothies with very little fruit

Of course, lots of rest, I am going back to bed.

Do you have any ideas that you want to share? I will definitely try them if I can locate them here in Zürich.

I will be healthy . I will be healthy . I will be healthy ! ! !


Jack said...

Jenna... Look for plenty of anti-oxidants in your diet (dark green leafy vegies primarily, along with purple food - grapes and plums are good) and stay away from foods which encourage inflammation like red meat and animal fats... Hope you feel better...

Jenna said...

Thanks Jack! This gives me an idea of what to make for dinner and use up the rest of my lovely Farmer's market veggies.

The Voracious Vegan said...

My best stay healthy tip is to eat tons of fresh fruit and vegetables! Cut out all the processed junk and refined sugar and enjoy all of the delicious produce you can get your hands on.

Jenna said...

Thanks TVV! I am on the mend now. It is amazing how quick one little oops with booja booja ice cream can make it worse. I learned my lesson.