07 September, 2009

Booja Booja is what we are loving!

Booja Booja is a dairy free delight I grabbed at the reformhaus Müller's last week.
It looked awesome and sounded amazingly good so I bought it.
It. was. not. cheap!

This little pint size container was 14 francs.

Basically nothing is cheap here in Zürich. So I thought I would get a little treat for our family. I also got some dark chocolate pops that the girls are in love with but this was something exciting and new. Let me tell you that container of booja booja is worth every rappen (Swiss penny).

I love how the packaging is in ENGLISH. On one part it addresses their friends in Germany, Switzerland and Austria in German. So cute!

The cool thing is; it is so good and simple. 4 ingredients.

water. agave syrup. cashews. vanilla oil.

I am looking forward to trying some of their other flavors. It is so creamy you would think it had dairy in it. Booja booja is amazing.

The girls L.O.V.E.D. it and were loving their sundaes I made with it!

ps . This last weekend I was feeling crappy. Thanks for the comments on my last post and on Facebook - YoU GuYs RoCk! I was feeling so much better Saturday that I decided to make a little sundae for the girls and I, the engineer was not feeling like a sundae at the time. I made three little sundaes. I am still working on my chocolate sauce recipe. The sundae was really good but not what my body needed. Even though it is awesome for you and RAW I still did not need the agave or the cold perhaps? I learned my lesson and will wait until I feel 100% better to make another treat for me with our little indulgence named booja booja.

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Meg said...

Looks AMAZING! I have to try this. Nathan and I have been looking for vegan ice cream...so hard to find here. Thanks for the tip!