18 August, 2009

Veggie Plates are What's Cooking!

It does not matter what we are having for lunch or dinner there is usually a plate of veggies on the table. The first thing I do when I start to make any meal is put a veggie tray on the table. Not only does it give the girls something to snack on, they are not asking me for an hour what they can eat or telling me how hungry they are while I am finishing a meal.

My girls munch on veggies without even thinking because they are there. I am sure if I put chips or pretzels they would eat those as well. Why not put healthy food out for a little appe"teaser"?

I do not put any ranch on our veggie plate. If anything I will make a hummus to dip veggies in. The vegetables taste so good here in Switzerland, ranch dip is really not necessary.

Än Guetä! - Jenna

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Julie Ramsay said...

you're such a great mom! Great idea!