26 August, 2009

Random Hummus Wraps are what I am eating!

The other night I was cleaning out the freezer in our cellar. I found 2 little American steaks from Germany, a package of bacon with nitrates - how did that get in there?, a cervelat for grilling on field trips from last school year, a package of Nürnburger sausages and two packages of chicken.

As we are eliminating these such products from our home - more on that later - I decided to thaw out the steaks and grill 'em up for the engineer. Not really grill, more like broil. My girls usually love a random steak too so I thought they might enjoy this last one from my kitchen :)

I on the other hand was craving something light and healthy.
My creation - the random hummus wrap!

I love hummus. Maybe a little too much sometimes, perhaps?

We already had the hummus on the table with veggies and pita chips.
I took a tortilla, smeared hummus on it, then opened the fridge and added a few items to my wrap.

Random Hummus Wrap

base - tortilla wrap

sauce - hummus

toppings -

sliced cucumbers

diced avocado

chopped arugula

chopped grape tomatoes

quinoa pilaf (or Spanish rice would be great too)

If I had not just run out of tahini the day before making the hummus I would have made a tahini sauce to drizzle all over the wrap. It was still fabulous and Miss M ended up eating some and loving it.

After I took the picture below I added a spoon full of quinoa pilaf to my wrap and wrapped it up. In case you are not a professional wrap maker or burrito wrapper or an Arizona native (this means you should know how to fold a burrito?) let me give you a hint . . . I had twice as much filling as I should have had.

It was a tad messy but oh so good.

I was eating my random hummus wrap and my family was eating steak, green beans and quinoa pilaf. Miss M said to the engineer that she could not chew through the steak because her teeth would not chew it. He only replied, "that is music to Mommy's ears."

Hummus wraps could definitely be built like a salad bar - everyone gets to choose what toppings they want - think of all the yummy possibilities.
En Guete!


Megan said...

Jenna, just stumbled across your food blog last night ( I didn't know you had a food blog!?). Are you going vegetarian or full on vegan?

Jenna said...

Hey (hot mamma) Megan,

I am so glad you found my food blog. I am starting to follow a plant based diet. My family is pretty good with it and J totally supports it. I am writing a post right now that explains it a little better. For now I am just trying to eat plant based and not swap for a lot of dairy and meat substitutes - we will see!

I am so glad that you get to be one of my taste testers for recipes.

likeschocolate said...

Sounds like your going to be a vegetarian. Send the Nurnburger sausages my way. I would love to go more veggie based in my home, but I would be the only one eating it. My boys are full on meat eaters. I have had stand offs with them trying to get them to eat veggies. I have even used guilt trip or bribes trying to convince them to eat veggies. Carrots and Asparagus seem to be the only winners amongst all three boys including the grown up boy.

Jenna said...

I am really lucky that my family is on board with eliminating dairy and meat. They can choose whatever they want to eat but in our home I will not be buying or cooking it! Surprisingly in the land of the cow, I have found a lot of other awesome options!