17 August, 2009

Healthy week is What's Cooking!

Sometimes I get friends and strangers asking how I get my girls to eat healthy. When my girls are at a party and get a huge plate of bell peppers and a little bit of sweets, some people are shocked. It is not because I am Mother of the Year or anything like that. Though they are engraving and shining the trophy as I type this.

I am really lucky, I have girls that will try a lot of healthy foods. My girls have also been introduced to all kinds of veggies since they were babies.

I love it when a friend goes home and tells his Mom that he ate spinach at my house (in a popsicle) it makes my heart happy!

This week I will be posting about the foods that I make for my family to keep us healthy.

One of my favorite quotes:

Feeding SOULS, not filling Holes.

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