21 August, 2008

Strasbourg, France has amazing food, no cooking!

My husband (the engineer) and I were fortunate to get a weekend getaway in Strasbourg, France. On Saturday they have an amazing farmer's market. Check out this vendor's spices. Fresh and freshly dried spices are so amazing and add tons of flavor.

We ate at a fabulous restaurant right between the canals and small streets. My husband had a pork shoulder roast with potatoes and onions in this little French dish that is very common in the Alsace area.
I had the most wonderful salad. It was full of tender chicken, tomatoes, corn (a new delight for me in salads) white onions, cucumbers, pickles, hard boiled eggs, lettuce - I promise it is in there and the best tasting tangy vinagrette I have had yet. We would drive back to Strasbourg for date night for another one of these salads.
I also ventured into some VERY French food. My husband thought I was crazy but I had to try some escargot in France. Don't laugh but here is why: In high school my girlfriends and I would go to Olive Garden. They had an appetizer of escargot and we had to try it so we could see if it was really as gross as we thought. Well, the escargot at Olive Garden was stuffed in to mushrooms and very tame.
The escargot at Chez Yvonne was real French food! The garlic butter sauce was divine and was the best part of the dish! They were a little too chewy for me!
In Strasbourg, like the rest of Europe in the summer time there is a lot of gelato shops and little stands out on almost every corner. We were there for 3 days and had 6 cones from all round the city and the Italian shop was my favorite. They make "flower cones" that have tons of flavors on them. You pick your first flavor, flop into the middle of the cone and then the next layers are thick slivers of gelato.
I learned your favorite flavor has to be chosen first because it is what you get the most of. In this picture above I started out with yogurt (my favorite gelato flavor) mocha, lemon, coconut, strawberry and raspberry and then they plop a little extra waffle cone on top. On some of the other "flower cones" we had there was red grapefruit, pineapple and a lot of flavors I did not know how to pronounce, all kinds of scrumdidliumptious flavors. My husband got one with 5 petals of all chocolate. There are 3, 5 and 7 petal flowers. We learned quickly that the petals start dripping and you have to eat fast and then your cone is gone. Then another meal and then another flower cone. A never ending delightful circle in Strasbourg.

I love the city and the food of Strasbourg!

Guten Appetit - Jenna

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Jen said...

Mmmmm! Sounds fantastic! What a wonderful experience you are having.