05 May, 2010

Tuesday night dinners are what's cooking!

Well, yesterday was Tuesday and you know what that means?

Let me tell you. For the entire two years we were in Switzerland. Oh, ya, we moved to the Seattle area back in the good old U S of A, in case you did not get my email stating this fact. Where was I? Tuesdays! My husband, commonly called "the Engineer" had video conference meetings with the rest of his group in Cali EVERY Tuesday night. Where is this little story going?

The Engineer HATES sweet potatoes. I L.O.V.E. love them. So, we started having sweet potatoes every Tuesday night for dinner, as well as other yummy food too.

That is my next reason why I love Tuesday dinners. Every Monday night I would clean out all the leftover food and sad veggies from our fridge because Tuesday morning can only mean one thing - Farmer's Market with Tanya. So Tuesday in Switzerland meant sweet potatoes and yummy, often new vegetables to try.

Last night the Engineer was in Oregon and it was Tuesday. I have 6 lovely organic sweet potatoes in my kitchen but I was not feeling the love. So, this is what I came up with.

Sauteed green beans with onions, garlic and sun dried tomatoes.
Acorn squash roasted with EVOO, S&P
Black beans and rice medley with lime and cilantro.

Yes, it was good. I gave it all thumbs up. The girls on the other hand did not appreciate the ease of this quick dinner and the freshness. m m m . . . just thinking about it makes me hungry.

En Guete!

* I know it is May and this blog did not even have one post in April. Moving will do that to you. You know what else will do that? Not having your shipment from Switzerland. Or receiving it 3 weeks late. I think it will make you plain grouchy - at least it has for me - it is arriving tomorrow. Glory Glory Hallelujah ! ! !

* * The Farmer's Market opens TODAY and it is Cinco de Mayo - what a fun day!


Tanya said...

I would have loved your dinner! I went to the market yesterday and thought about you the whole time. I bought lots of piccadilli tomatoes and a 10sfr basket of italian strawberries because our Rosetti guy said they were much better than the 5.50sfr basket. They were and even Tyler agreed. I wish you could eat some.

Jenna said...

mmm . . . I wish I could eat them too. Thanks for sharing - you are so generous with your treasures from the market.

Anonymous said...