24 August, 2009

Luxemburgerli's are a sweet treat!

Now that healthy week is over I am onto sweets . . .

at least for today and this one post!

I was in Zürich this morning on Bahnhofstrasse and was craving a Mövenpick gelato cone - yogurt flavored was not present I was eyeing the caramelita. It was after 11 am after all. I had my wallet out and everything. When it was my turn to order my tram pulled up and I said, "Nein, Danke," and ran to the tram. I was so proud of myself for not getting a gelato when I totally could have gotten a cone and waited for the next tram arrival only 7 minutes later.

The next tram stop was Sprüngli, so I decided to reward myself with a different sweet.
These are the 5 flavors that made it home on the tram.
Espresso Chocolate(for the engineer)Seasonal Cherry Caramel Citron(lemon)

If you are ever in Zürich, Switzerland I highly recommend stopping by Sprüngli and trying a Luxemburgerli. We call them little hamburgers at our house and they are definitely quite the sweet treat for us.
I love the little note that comes with the box - it says,
"to enjoy as soon as possible" - is there any other way?

ps - thanks tram 13 - I heart U!


iamwoman said...

oh wow. somehow even my chick-fil-a ice cream cone today seems less than appealing now.

BTW, it's a BIG FAT chance, but do you know a Nathan Barnhart? He lives there(just got married)and we went to high school/church together and still keep in touch--so that would just be so crazy random.

Jenna said...

hey woman,

They are definitely not an everyday treat at our house. The little box of 12 was 15 francs about a dollar a piece. mmmm - they are yummy though!

likeschocolate said...

The are so tasty, but I agree very expensive. My favorite flavor from Movenpick is the passionfruit. I wish that was a flavor we could get here. I just might have to make some myself now thinking about it.