07 November, 2008

Vampire pizza for Halloween is What's Cooking!

Halloween came and went quickly when we live in a place that does not celebrate the fun Holiday! I decided to make a "vampire" pizza for lunch. Salami was the hair and eyebrows. The eyes were purple onions and black olives. The nose and teeth were bell peppers and the lips were grape tomatoes. My kids loved it and thought it was fun to eat part of the vampire on Halloween.

I think the possibilities are endless with the fun people-art that can be put on a pizza. This was a surprise when they walked in the door for lunch but usually my kids love to make their own pizza and choose their own toppings.

before and after - I also added some Italian seasoning to the top before baking - vampire with bad skin?
What post would be complete without a recipe. Here is my pizza dough recipe. My Mom has used it for years. I love to double it and make two pizzas. I love it because it is simple. Here is the original for 1 pizza.

Pizza Dough

1 cup warm water
3 T. yeast
2 T. oil (I use EVOO)
2-3 cups flour

Put water, yeast and oil in mixer bowl. Mix slightly. Add flour by starting with 2 cups and add 1/4 cup more at a time until dough is not too sticky. Let rise until double (I put a warm damp towel over the bowl and put it in the warmest part of the house) You can use a little more flour when rolling out so it does not stick to your stone or pan.

* If you do not have a mixer or it happens to be the wrong voltage,
you can use the old school way with a bowl and a wooden spoon - it works just as good. Use a whisk to mix the water, yeast and oil and the 1st cup of flour and then a wooden spoon for the rest.

* I play around with what types of flour I use every time. For a single batch I have been putting about 100 grams of white wheat flour and 325 grams of white flour. It gives a little more texture to a very white pizza crust.

* You can also add seasoning in the dough already mixed in with the flour. Italian seasoning, parmesan cheese or crushed garlic gives it tons of extra flavor.

Guten Appetit - Jenna

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SwissMiss said...

Those pizzas are da bomb! Peter loves to make homemade pizza, but never has he made a vampire pizza. What a great idea!